Can I browse through Electron Press books before making a purchase, like I do in a bookstore?

Yes.  We provide free excerpts -- generally about 5% of the book -- as HTML text that you can access by clicking on the title links located in both the "Publication Index" and "About the Authors" pages.  In addition, a brief description of the book is available on the "Publication Index" page, as well as at the beginning of the excerpts themselves.

Where can I buy the electronic book that you discuss on your home page?

At present the electronic book is not a commercially available product, rather it is a device that we feel will inevitably emerge on the market in the next two or three years.  A number of efforts are underway to develop such a device.  Some people use the existing palmtop computers as book displays.  However, those devices can't really do the job, because the screens are too small and not bright enough.  For a peek at an existing prototype of the electronic book, click on "View Electronic Book Prototype" in the black menu bar under the heading "The Electronic Book" in the text area of the home page.

What do Electron Press books actually look like when I get them home and open them in Acrobat Reader?

Electron Press books are Adobe Acrobat "pdf" files.  The books are formatted in esthetically pleasing styles using real typefaces, and when printed at your printer will look like real books.  All books have headers and footers, some have alternating even and odd page headers.  To view samples of what our books look like when you actually display or print them from Acrobat Reader, click on "The EP Book Look" in the black menu bar under the heading "Electron Press and Internet Book Publishing" in the text area of the home page.

Please note that in order to make book excerpts immediately available to our web site visitors, the book excerpts that appear on this site are in HTML format, and do not look like the actual books from which they are excerpted.

Do Electron Press books have the same number of pages as traditional bound books?

Electron Press books are designed to be printed on standard 8 ½ by 11 inch paper.  For this reason it takes 25 to 50 percent fewer pages to print an Electron Press book than a traditional bound book containing the same text.

How much do Electron Press books cost, and where are the prices listed?

Electron Press books are priced between three and five dollars.  The prices of all books are listed on the purchase form accessible by clicking on the "Make a Purchase" button.

What forms of payment does Electron Press accept for book purchases?

Electron Press only accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards as payment.  Payment must be made online using our purchase form, and your browser must support SSL (secure sockets layer) for this to be possible.  Most current browsers (e.g.  Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher) support SSL, and both Netscape and Microsoft offer their latest browsers as free downloads from their web sites.

What if I don’t have a Visa or MasterCard?

If you don’t have a Visa or MasterCard you cannot currently purchase our books.  We do not accept checks or cash, nor do we support telephone or mail orders.  However, in the future we hope to add one or more forms of digital cash as an accepted form of payment.

What if I buy a book and can’t download it?

When your credit card purchase has been approved, we give you a receipt number before you begin to download.  The customer service area of the Electron Press web site contains detailed instructions to help you retry your download based on this receipt number.  If after three retries you still fail, send an email to the address listed there and we will send you the file as an email attachment, or if that fails, on a diskette via the USPS.

What if I download a book but it doesn’t display in Acrobat Reader?

The most common reason for this problem is that you are using an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You must have Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or greater.  You can get this program for free from Adobe, and we have a link on our site to the Adobe download site.

How can I print Electron Press books?

Once you have opened a book in Acrobat Reader, use the program’s print function to print selected pages or the entire book on your local or networked printer.

What if I can’t print a book from Acrobat Reader?

Adobe provides extensive documentation concerning possible printing problems for many types of printers.  This documentation recommends solutions for all known problems, and is available at the Electron Press web site.  To access this information, click on the "Customer Service" button, then follow the "Other Technical Support" link and scroll down to the section titled "Acrobat Reader - Printing Issues".