Electron Press - Manuscript Submissions


Electron Press is interested in quality fiction (novels and short story collections) and non-fiction (politics, current events, history, ecology, popular science, essays, etc.).   Electron Press does not publish romance, fantasy, or science fiction novels, new age books, how-to books, technical books or text books.

Electron Press never takes commercial considerations into account when evaluating a book for publication.  If we like your work we will publish it.  We pay substantial royalties.

If you would like Electron Press to consider your book, please submit an email query and attach a word processing file that contains the first two or three chapters (maximum 25 to 30 manuscript pages) of your book, preferably in Microsoft Word, RTF or plain text format.  We will review your proposal and sample, and let you know whether we would like you to send a printout of the entire manuscript.

Email submissions to:

We are committed to providing a prompt response to submissions.  In most cases we will respond within 2 weeks of the date we receive your query.  Please include your telephone number if you would like a voice response.

If Electron Press decides to publish your book, we will send you a contract to review.   When the contract signing is complete, you will have to provide the following items to Electron Press:

If no editorial revisions are required, Electron Press will immediately convert the file to the format used to download the book to customers.   The book will appear for sale on the Electron Press web site within 3 to 6 weeks.  If substantial copy editing or other revisions are required, publication may be delayed in proportion to the work required.