We Publish Books on the Internet

Now you can use the Internet to browse, purchase and download books.  Electron Press immediately downloads all purchases to you as Adobe Acrobat files.  You use the free, industry-standard Acrobat Reader (version 3.0 or higher required) to view or print your books.  If you don't already have Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or higher, you can get the latest version for free by clicking on the link in the lower left corner of this window.  And Electron Press books are now available in Palm Pilot format too.

Electron Press and Internet Book Publishing

Electron Press combines book production and distribution in one package.  Electron Press immediately transmits the books you buy as computer-readable files that contain properly formatted text and images for local printing or display at your PC, laptop, or Palm Pilot.

Electron Press hopes to revolutionize publishing and open a new chapter in the relationship between writer and reader.  Electron Press is committed to:

The Electronic Book

By helping to build the market for electronic books, Electron Press will stimulate further technological advances in personal digital assistant (PDA) screen and storage technology.  Today there are close to four million PDAs in use, notably 3Com's Palm Pilot.  It is reasonable to project that there will be at least ten million PDAs in use in 2001.  The software to display large text files is available in all PDAs, and a steadily increasing number of PDA owners now use these devices to read documents and books.

There is no doubt that as PDA screens undergo dramatic improvement, the number of PDA owners choosing to read books on their PDAs will soar. Eventually, millions of people will come to prefer paperless books for many situations, as the electronic book and the use of the PDA as a book reader will make it possible to travel on business or pleasure accompanied by a library of a hundred titles tucked in a pocket or hand bag.  Electron Press is committed to fulfilling the needs of these millions for inexpensive, high quality books in PDA-readable format.  Electron Press is unalterably opposed to the closed architecture, proprietary publishing schemes and high book prices that appear to be the core principles of the dedicated ebook device companies.

Additional Information

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